Sex Tips for Women – Take Control in the Bedroom Tonight!

Have you always wanted to make your man feel insanely awesome in the bedroom? Are you looking to be the best lover your partner has ever had? Wouldn’t it be great if your man thought you were a sex goddess in the bedroom? In this article you’ll find some sex tips you can put into […]


Dating Tips for Men – Don’t Fear Being Single

Majority of men think of being single as a negative thing, it’s like every man has to be in a relationship to look successful in life. I try to teach men to look at this a bit differently. These years can be some of the best of your life. I could name countless men that […]


(G-Factor) G-Spot Sex Position

Ask a handful of women what sex position drives them crazy, and I’m sure one in 5 will say the G-Factor!!! The only problem is very few men know this G-Spot Sex Position or use it regularly! So Gentlemen pay close attention, and become one of few man women truly desire! and for the ladies […]


How to Last Longer in Bed for Men

How to Last Longer in Bed for Men There are many guides around to help men last longer in bed, the reason for this is because nearly all men have suffered at least once from premature ejaculation. If you have been with a partner for a long time then this is a problem that can […]


G Spot Stimulation Techniques

G Spot Stimulation Techniques Simulating the G spot is not something you should first set out to do during intercourse rather wait until you have your fingering techniques down pat and have already successfully given your partner an orgasm, then move onto trying to stimulate your partners spot during intercourse. The reason for this is […]


Where is the Clitoris?

What is the Clitoris Simply speaking the clitoris is a female sex organ that becomes more visible when the female is aroused it’s located under a small hood of skin near the labia minora just above the opening of the vagina. For females, the clitoris is considered the most sensitive erogenous zone on their body […]


Where is the G Spot

Where is the G Spot? Where is the G Spot located and do all women have one has been a controversy subject since the 1950’s. This magical pleasure spot found inside a woman’s vagina was first discovered by a German Doctor (Gynecologists) Ernst Gräfenberg. His documented writings where about an erotic pleasure zone on the […]


Doggy Style Sex Position

There are many versions of the Doggy Style Sex Position, The standard version of Doggy Style is very basic and easy to do. Although most men love Doggy Style there are some women that don’t, the reason for this is the lack of intimacy that generally comes with face to face positions. With that said, […]


How to Suck Cock

Know You’re Mans Penis – Is He Cut or Not? On your quest to learning how to suck cock, make life less complicated for yourself by operating smarter as opposed to harder and you are able to do this by firstly modifying your strategy to match his penis type. What this means is the fact […]